sweet potato casserole

The Most Popular Holiday Recipe in Every State, According to Google

These are the recipes that people are researching and cooking for this festive time of year

Roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, casseroles, cookies and pies are always abundant during the holidays. From traditional dishes to more modern approaches, ‘tis the season when people plan festive menus and prepare to host or attend events where food and drink are center stage.

The Most Popular Holiday Recipe in Every State, According to Google Gallery

When deciding which recipes to prepare, many people turn to trusted family recipes and the worn, spattered pages of trusted cookbooks. More recently however, with the internet becoming ever vaster and more a part of daily life, it is no surprise that when planning holiday menus people turn to Google. With the tap of a few keyboard buttons and the click of a mouse, millions of recipes are suddenly available! But what holiday recipes are people actually googling?

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We got the inside scoop straight from Google, who found and sent The Daily Meal the most searched-for holiday recipe terms from every state. We took the information from Google and noticed that a lot of states had the same top search result, so we decided to divide the list up by search term and list them from least to most googled. Read on to discover the most popular holiday recipe in every state, according to Google!