How to Make a Good Grilled Cheese

A humble condiment is the secret trick

For something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich, there sure seem to be countless combinations of bread and cheese and ways to make this classic childhood dinner. Some prefer American cheese for the ultimate cheese-pull while others swear by the highest-quality Gruyere or sharp cheddar. But when it comes to the maximum golden crispiness of the exterior, that’s a whole other conversation.

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To get a golden brown bread on both sides of your grilled chese, there’s a tried-and-true method that works exceptionally well, and it isn't just adding lots and lots of butter to a sizzling skillet. It involves an everyday, humble condiment that’s most likely sitting in your fridge right now: mayonnaise.


For the most perfect golden, buttery crust on a grilled cheese, a combination of butter and mayonnaise is as good as it gets. Combine softened butter with mayonnaise and spread the mixture on both sides of the grilled cheese before adding it to a pan over medium-low heat and letting it cook until crisp and golden. To test out this game-changing trick, try it on any of these superb spins on a classic grilled cheese.