Kitchen Fantasies: High-End Equipment Slideshow

The latest in cutting-edge kitchen equipment.

Wolf 60-Inch Dual Fuel Range

Wolf rangetops allow you to choose between four to six burners with the option of customizing your unit to include a flat griddle, infrared charbroiler, or French top. These ranges have dual-stacked, sealed burners that dramatically increase your control and range while cooking: try a low, gentle heat for simmering or melting, and the powerful, maximum flame for boiling or searing. The dual convection ovens also come with ten cooking modes like convection bake, convection broil, and dehydrate (accessory required). 

Electrolux 30-Inch Built-In Induction Range

With 70% more efficiency than gas and 20% more efficiency than electric, induction ranges are quickly gaining popularity as the stoves of the future. (Less energy is lost with induction cooking as the heat is transferred directly to the cookware.) With a sleek and elegant touch screen control panel, which fades away when not being used, this cooktop boils water in 90 seconds and comes with expandable burners to fit two different cookware sizes.

Sub-Zero 700BR Refrigerator Drawers

Picture this: You’re just about to step into a hot, bubble bath when you think, “Wouldn’t a cool beverage be perfect right now?” Instead of having to trek to the kitchen, you simply open a drawer and pull out a cold bottle of sparkling water – now this is the good life. With this feature from Sub-Zero, you can have refrigerated drawers in any room in the house, like a drawer full of cold beer in the living room for game days. Or, if you have a big family, instead of buying another bulky refrigerator, opt for a few extra drawers instead. 

Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast Food Processor, 16-Cup

With three interchangeable bowls, a super powerful motor, and a separated disk dedicated to kneading bread, this kitchen staple has been reworked to represent the new generation of food processors. Use the adjustable slicing disc to quickly shred or grate hard blocks of Parmigiano-Reggiano in seconds, or avoid pre-cutting vegetables with the extra-large feed tube.

Wolf Integrated Modules

Customize your cooktop and turn extra counter space into a cooking unit. Wolf offers integrated modules, which can be used for a variety of cooking methods, like a fryer, induction cooktop, grill, and steamer (pictured left). 

Míele CVA 4066 Coffee System

A built-in coffee unit with a plumbed-in water connection, this whole bean system comes with an optional warming drawer for cups and plates. The product also features a frothing system with an integrated milk tank, adjustable cup size, and grinder settings.

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator

This 100% steel refrigerator comes with the option of a glass door that displays all of your beautiful produce (or you can pick the glass-less door if you’re not into that sort of thing). One of the features that sets this piece of equipment apart from the rest is the dual refrigeration system that has two compressors and three evaporators to keep your food fresher longer and prevent the transfer of odors. (This works to separate the refrigeration and freezing systems and allows for the drawers to be at a different temperature than the main compartment.)

Plus the crisper drawer is a touch-and-glide system that makes putting away the groceries just a little bit more fun. It also has a built-in water filtration system, 90 degree door stop kit, and adjustable refrigerator dividers for the bottom drawer.

Vitamix 5200

The ultimate blender, the Vitamix 5200 can create smoothies in seconds, grind meat, and cook a soup simply from the movement of the motor (clearly a very powerful one). It's also great for dry blending beans, grains, and rice into flour. Popular among chefs, it has also found a following in the raw movement since you can essentially 'cook' the food with the power of the motor.

30-Inch Full-Height Wine Cellar

Store up to 150 bottles horizontally in this professional wine cellar and use the pull-out shelves for magnum, half-sized, or standard-sized bottles. Equipped with the exclusive TriTemp Storage System, the unit can be set at three different temperature zones to store wines at their ideal serving state.