Kate Walsh Shares Her Favorite Holiday Food Tips

Walsh talks to The Daily Meal’s Brian Sheehan about “friendsgiving” and holiday food hacks
A Holiday Conversation with Kate Walsh

Brian Sheehan chats with actress Kate Walsh about her plans for the holidays, her favorite holiday hacks, and traditions.

Kate Walsh Shares Her Favorite Holiday Food Tips

The Daily Meal Staff

Kate Walsh with The Daily Meal’s Brian Sheehan discussing holiday food and entertaining tips.

The Daily Meal’s Brian Sheehan sat down with actress Kate Walsh, best known for her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery on the ABC dramas Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, to talk about food, "friendsgiving," and her involvement in the Boston Market “Holiday Experts” campaign.

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“For all holidays, I love to have family and friends,” said Walsh. As an “expert” member of the Boston Market campaign’s panel, Walsh is offering up her own tips on everything from meal preparation to entertaining during the holidays that are aimed to help bring family and friends together in a more meaningful way.

Walsh is a big fan of Boston Market, explaining, “I can actually eat good food and not feel bad about it.”

You can enjoy their wide range of holiday-ready menu items this year as is or with a few customizing adjustments. Walsh, who loves the Boston Market creamed spinach, says she often adds sautéed garlic, a sprinkling of cheese, or even a drizzle of truffle oil to really make it her own.

Don’t forget about leftovers. Walsh learned this trick waitressing in Chicago: Mix leftover creamed spinach with eggs for a delicious day after breakfast treat.

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