Ice Cream Shops Serving Unexpected Icy Treats

Ice Cream Shops Serving Unexpected Icy Treats

Rolled ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and more delicious ice cream creations to enjoy this summer

Take your taste buds on an ice cream adventure to sample these quirky creations on a hot summer day.


Elevating the humble ice cream sandwich is what Midnight Sun does so well. This food truck has established a cult following, thanks to owners Levi and Jocelyn Stewart’s creative ice cream sandwich combinations. There are no stale cookies or rock-hard ice cream because each ’wich is scooped to order. Don’t fall in love with a particular flavor. The sandwich masters change the menu often, adhering partially to the season. Think lemon-strawberry swirl ice cream on lavender shortbread cookies and ricotta chocolate chip ice cream on original shortbread. The ’wich part of this dish gets inventive too — Midnight Sun uses everything from sweet corn cakes to pound cake to sandwich the ice cream. You’ll find diehard fans and newbies alike waiting for the delectable dessert at Midnight Sun’s yellow truck. Check the company’s website for truck locations.


The fun of Mr. Cool Ice Cream startswith your treat’s preparation. Employees pour the makings of ice cream(a mixture of cream, sugar and eggs) onto a freezing-cold plate on a special machine with flavorings such as coffee, chocolate and even fresh strawberries. As the combination begins to freeze, the confectioner chops and mixes the ice cream before smoothing it into a sheet and finally scrapping it into rolls. The Pirouline cookie-shaped rolls are placed in a cup and topped off with fruit, nuts or candy. If you like your coffee with a generous splash of cream, the Morning Latte ice cream is perfect for you. It’s one of several types that people of all ages love to watch being created in this popular no-frills shop on International Drive. 321-352-7977

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