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How To Season a Steak for the Grill

It's easy to take your steak to the next level
Sebastiana Raw/Shutterstock

One lesson you’ve certainly taken away from watching your parents cook is that seasoning is everything. And if there’s one step that can truly take your steak to the next level, it’s seasoning your meat with intent and generosity.

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Why have a good steak when you can have a perfect steak? While it may seem obvious, adding a few common seasonings to your steak can truly elevate the meat's already delicious flavor. The best part about this step is it only takes a few minutes.

After properly defrosting your steak and heating up your grill, brush the meat with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. While those toppings may seem basic, they’re really all you need to make your steak delicious. Adding enough salt to a steak is one of those steakhouse secrets only the experts know.


However, if you want your steak to have a little extra kick, feel free to add some paprika and garlic to it as well. After seasoning your steak to perfection, toss it onto the grill. For more tips and tricks to grill the perfect steak, click here.