Pat Them Dry from How to Make Authentic Buffalo Wings (Slideshow)

How to Make Authentic Buffalo Wings (Slideshow)

We’ve got the inside scoop on making amazing Buffalo wings

Pat Them Dry


Be sure to pat your chicken wings dry with a clean paper towel before deep frying them. Removing this excess moisture helps them get crispy when fried and helps keep you safe — dry chicken wings will spatter less hot oil than ones with excess moisture.

Leave them Naked


There’s no need to dredge the raw chicken wings in flour or season them with salt and pepper. We know, it feels strange to cook unseasoned chicken, but we promise they’ll be crisp and flavorful after they’re deep-fried and coated in hot sauce.

Frying the Wings


Once the chicken wings have been dried, fry them in 350-degree oil for 10-12 minutes. It’s important to fry the chicken wings in neutral oil like peanut or canola; other oils, like olive oil, can add unwanted flavor to the fried wings. 

Keep them Warm


If you fry too many wings at once, the temperature of the oil will drop and the wings won’t be crispy. Fry them in small batches, placing the finished wings on a baking sheet in the oven to keep them warm while you cook the others.

Make a Hot Sauce

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Unless you’re using Anchor Bar bottled wing sauce (the variety labeled “medium” is the one that made Buffalo wings famous) you’ll need to mix up a hot sauce yourself. Simply mix a cup of vinegar-based hot pepper sauce (we like Frank’s RedHot Original), minced garlic, and12 tablespoons of melted margarine until combined.

Toss the Wings

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Put your warm Buffalo sauce in a large bowl, add the deep fried chicken wings, and toss until evenly coated.

The Celery and Blue Cheese

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There’s no mention as to whether the original Buffalo wings were served with celery and Bleu cheese, but the Anchor Bar recipe recommends serving them this way so we do, too!