How to Have an Allergy-Free Thanksgiving (Slideshow)

Find out how to prevent allergies this holiday


Be careful with alcohol. Look for gluten-free beverages. Do your research for beer and sake — there are gluten-free versions. Always check the label!

Cakes and Cookies

Cakes and cookies may contain diary, soy, wheat, egg, milk, gluten, and nuts galore. In fact, bakery items may contain either nuts or may be produced on equipment that is exposed to various nuts. Shiny bakery items generally contain "butter," as a wash.


Cranberry sauce may contain all kinds of nuts, walnuts, corn, pecans, etc.


You many encounter diary, milk, egg, gluten, corn, soybean, and/or wheat.


Some may contain milk products.


Many individuals are developing various allergic reactions to seeds, such as sesame, sunflower, etc., and they are frequently used in foods, breads, and bakery items.

Pumpkin Pie

This is a staple holiday sweet that may include wheat, egg, milk, nuts, nutmeg, and gluten.


Apples, carrots, hazelnuts, and stone fruits may aggravate and cause "oral allergy itchiness" if you have seasonal pollen allergies!


Watch out for the stuffing. It may include nuts, chestnuts, apple, bread (wheat), egg, gluten, chicken stock, herbs, seasoning, spices, milk, and soybean (essentially anything!).


Many holiday birds are injected with "butter" and various added ingredients.