How to Cook Filet Mignon Like a Pro


Char-broiling a steak can produce lots of smoke; make sure your kitchen is well ventilated.

Start by setting your oven to broil and then seasoning both sides of your steaks with kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and olive oil. Be generous, especially with the salt — lots of it will fall off during the cooking process.

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Char-broil the steaks for 6 minutes on each side to achieve a medium-rare doneness. Strip House’s executive chef Michael Vignola recommends using a preheated cast-iron pan for this. Once the pan is hot, add the steaks, and then put it into the oven, flipping the steaks after 6 minutes. This method can produce a lot of smoke, so make sure your kitchen is well-ventilated.

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Remove the pan from the oven, remove the steaks from the pan, and then let them rest for 4 to 6 minutes (resting is what produces a juicy and flavorful steak).

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If you want a crispy crust on your steaks, put them back in the hot pan after they’ve rested and let them sizzle for a minute or so on each side. Serve your steak with clarified butter, fleur de sel, roasted garlic cloves, and a sprig of rosemary.

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Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.