How to Color an Egg From the Inside Out (Golden Egg)

This novelty preparation produces an evenly colored golden egg
How to Color an Egg From the Inside Out (Golden Egg)


This novelty egg preparation involves scrambling the egg’s yolk and white albumen while still inside the egg shell.

Just when you thought you had tried all of the (many) ways to cook an egg, we have another one for you to try — the golden egg. This scrambled-in-its-shell egg isn’t going to give you the soft scrambled eggs you crave, but it is going to make one pretty cool-looking hard-boiled egg.

This actual golden egg is achieved by rapidly agitating an uncooked egg in its shell. While the structure of an egg is meant to protect the delicate contents inside, if rotated at a high enough speed, the egg yolk will eventually rupture and “scramble” with the whites to produce an evenly colored, egg-shaped final product.

To produce this most unusual egg, you will need one leg cut from a pair of stockings. Then, slip the egg inside the leg of the hose, halfway between the toe and the top opening. Now, twist each end of the stocking with the egg in the middle, about 25 twists on each side. Next, pull the ends so that the stocking unravels, rapidly rotating the egg. Repeat this about 10 times to scramble the egg. You can use a flashlight to check for success. Shine the light under the egg; a scrambled egg will appear a deeper yellow/orange/red, whereas the unscrambled egg will look bright yellow.


Finally, hard-boil your egg as you normally would.