Healthy Football Season Snacks (Slideshow)

Watching football is no excuse to eat junk food

Hearty Halftime Chili Recipe

This chili is great for football season. It can be served with chips, bread, or just plain. 

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Chia Cornbread Mufins Recipe

For the fall season, try these chia cornbread muffins. They can be used as snacks or a side dish.

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Hail Mary Hummus Recipe

This dip takes almost no prepration to make! It's great to serve as an appetizer for when you have people over. 

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Spiced Cauliflower and Zucchini Recipe

This recipe is a fun and unique way to eat vegetables. They go great with a dip or just plain as a side dish. 

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Lite and Amazing French Onion Dip Recipe

Jane Bruce

By swapping out the sour cream with your favorite brand of nonfat Greek yogurt, this recipe not only tastes better than the classic version (arguably), but will leave you feeling a lot less guilty. 

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