Four Uses For Orchard Apples

The saying goes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Whether you subscribe to that belief or not, you can probably agree that biting into a crisp fresh apple is one of the best parts of fall. Apples are a great, healthy snack and now is the perfect time to stock up.

Following your trip to the orchard, you're likely coming home with a few too many apples and will be looking for new recipes to put them to use – beyond the classic pie. Preserving fresh apples is a great way to ensure they last longer. The below recipes are simple, easy-to-make suggestions for making the most out of your fall apple harvest.

Before they go bad, turn freshly picked apples into this Bourbon-Vanilla Bean Apple Pie Filling, ready to use whenever you need to bake a classic American dessert. A delicious accompaniment to vanilla ice cream, this pie filling can be used in for family gatherings or given as a hostess gift in a jar!

A versatile option for orchard apples, this recipe for homemade apple sauce is sure to become a staple in your household! Add cinnamon and other spices to customize for your palate and use as a topping on dishes both savory and sweet.

Not only does a parfait look nice in a jar, but it's a functional way to bring a healthy breakfast to work. These Paleo Apple Pie Parfaits are a great way to start your day on the right foot with a delicious and seasonal breakfast.

This savory twist on your favorite apple sauce pairs perfectly pork, chicken, turkey and more. Serve immediately after cooking to liven up your next dinner party with this Spiced Apple Chutney and have your guests begging for the recipe!

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