Crazy Things People Do to Ice Cream Slideshow

Cicada ice cream, sushi, and more

Mold It Like Sushi

Sushi Ice Cream, Singapore: Häagen-Dazs shops in Singapore promoted this special ice cream, which was artfully shaped to resemble sushi.

Make It X-Rated

Ice Cream Cocktail, London: Brit parlor, The Icecreamists, devises boundary-pushing flavors like the 'Sex Bomb' ice cream cocktail: "Fior di Latte ice cream is blended with natural stimulants (Ginkgo Biloba, Arginine, Guarana) and other secret ingredients for blood flow and energy. Scented with a gentle infusion of citrus zest. Topped with a shot of burning La Fee Absinthe administered from a hospital IV drip." Thankfully, even pseudo-ice cream anarchists impose a limit of one per customer.

Mix in Bugs


Cicada Ice Cream, Missouri: Sadly, Sparky's no longer sells this ice cream (the Columbia, MO, health department is weird about desserts with bugs, apparently). But just in case they bring it back, here's what you get: cicadas that were caught in employees backyards, then boiled and coated with sugar and chocolate and folded into brown sugar ice cream.

Drop It Over Noodle Soup

Ice Cream Cone Ramen, Tokyo: Kikuya ramen shop precisely cuts a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone in half then sets it on top of a bowl of varying flavors of ramen, including one with classic soy sauce broth (they thoughtfully serve the noodles chilled to keep the ice cream from melting too fast).

Add Lobsters

Lobster Ice Cream, Maine: At Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium, in Bar Harbor, the owners mix chunks of local Maine lobster into their butter ice cream. It's one of their most popular items for shipping. Really.