Chocolatier Makes it Possible to Snort Chocolate Like Cocaine

A Belgian chocolate maker is encouraging people to snort chocolate

Dominique Persoone's "Chocolate Shooter" allows a person to snort chocolate like cocaine. 

For all the people out there who love chocolate but feel that mouths are too slow to be an effective conveyance for it, Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone has invented a cool new device that could make things better by allowing people to shoot cocoa right up their noses.

According to Reuters, Persoone created a system for snorting chocolate like cocaine in 2007 for a Rolling Stones party. The “Chocolate Shooter” is modeled after a device Persoone’s grandfather reportedly used to shoot snuff up his nose, and somehow it has caught on as a culinary novelty. Since the Rolling Stone party in 2007, Persoone says he has sold more than 25,000 Chocolate Shooters at about $50 apiece.

The device is like a tiny, clear plastic catapult that one loads with chocolate powder flavored with either mint and ginger or mint and raspberry. Persoone says he developed the chocolate powders after first trying plain cocoa powder and finding it to be too dry to comfortably shoot up one’s nose.

The mint and the ginger really tickle your nose,” he said. “Then the mint flavor goes down and the chocolate stays in your brain.”


It took some experimenting to get to the ginger mint profile, and there were some setbacks. At one point, Persoone thought a chili chocolate would be a good idea, so he added chili powder. According to Persoone it tturns out shooting chili powder up one’s nose is “a very bad idea.”