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Blogger Spotlight: Mid-Life Croissant

Blogger Christine Siracusa wants to put simple, healthy meals on your table and a smile on your face

You may be surprised to know that Mid-Life Croissant food blogger Christine Siracusa didn’t love cooking until her 40s. In fact, she rarely cooked! “When I was in my 20s,” she writes, “I ate out or ordered in. Every night. You would be justified in wondering how a young actress living on an inconsistent salary managed to live this way.”

But now, this Brooklyn-based blogger operates a lovely recipe blog complete with beautiful photography and inspired recipes.

As a member of our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers, The Daily Meal would like to introduce you to Siracusa in this week’s Blogger Spotlight; keep reading below!

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The Daily Meal: How’d you get started with Mid-Life Croissant?

Christine Siracusa: Most of my life, I looked at cooking as a chore — a really mundane and sometimes perplexing chore. But in my early 40s I started reassessing — well, everything — but most relevant to this conversation, my diet. My body was changing and I started to realize I needed to change with it. So I got into nutrition; I became very interested in knowing exactly what I was putting into my body.

This, naturally, led to me to cooking a lot more than I ever had. And, less obviously, it led to me experiencing cooking as an empowering endeavor. I started really enjoying it and loved exploring the exciting world of food blogs looking for the next fun thing to make. It was around this same time that my career as an actress started slowing down and my insatiable need to entertain was looking for a new outlet. So I put two and two together and started Mid-Life Croissant.

  What is the mission of your blog?

To put simple, healthy meals on your table and a smile on your face.

What are some foods you can’t live without?

Almond butter, pork tenderloin, and there’s always at least one can of diced tomatoes in my cupboard.

Are there any foods you can’t stand?

Not yet.

What is your proudest post?

I think my proudest is my first. The recipe is good but the pictures are horrible and I can’t really read it now because it’s embarrassingly personal but that’s part of why it makes me proud. I did it: I started a blog.

What is your biggest blog blunder?

Not taking it seriously sooner. My focus this summer has been officially transitioning from hobby to business. I should be all set by September.

Do you have a memorable comment from a reader?

I had one reader email me to say she loves my quinoa mac and cheese although it never looks like the pictures. I thought that was funny. I also had someone ask me a very specific question about a liqueur I used in one of my cocktails and I was really excited because I could actually answer it.

What’s on your cooking playlist?

Joni Mitchell — I love singing while I cook. I also listen to a lot of reggae. I recently discovered Sister Nancy who rocks my world. Also podcasts. The Feed Podcast, The Splendid Table, and The Sporkful.

What are some other blogs you love?

My favorite big blog is Simply Recipes; Elise has never steered me wrong. I’m also very tight with the bloggers behind The Flavor Bender, Take Two Tapas, and La Petit Chef; we co-host a weekly blog hop for recipes, crafts, and DIY projects.

What is the best thing about blogging?

Creative self-expression, constantly learning new things, and working for myself. That’s three things, sorry.

And the worst thing?

Cooking in the heat and when tech goes wrong… I seem incapable of just giving one answer today.

Is there a recipe you’re currently obsessed with

I’m really working on perfecting my sweet potato toast toasting method. I currently have a 50/50 shot of getting it right. Not good enough. I think the secret is in the thickness of the slice; I’ll let you know.

What would even your most loyal followers be surprised to learn about you?

When I was 9 years old I wanted to play Annie on Broadway.

What are five of your all-time favorite posts?

Old Redhead’s Watermelon Basil Rum Cocktail

Earl Grey Tea Infused Cocoa Smoothie

Fried Eggs, Plantains and Chimichurri Sauce

Amaretto Sour Cherry Popsicles

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