Blogger Spotlight: GiGi Eats Celebrities

Gigi Dubois is a certified nutritionist with a degree in broadcast journalism and the brains behind Gigi Eats. Her blog is an energetic site dedicated to healthy living and paleo recipes. Due to chronic illnesses, Gigi has had to eliminate a huge number of everyday foods from her diet.

Her upbeat attitude and positivity make it incredibly easy to forget she has any dietary restrictions at all. Her posts are written with what can only be described as joie de vivre — a zest for life that is transferred from her blog to her readers.

By delving deeper and reading between the jokes, readers can quickly learn about more serious issues (and less serious ones too!) that Gigi has experienced and wants to discuss openly and honestly.

Gigi frequently posts recipes (with corresponding videos on her Youtube channel). Peruse her blog and discover recipes for healthy "Oreos," sweet potato pancakes, paleo pasta carbonara and so much more.

The Daily Meal: What is the mission of your blog?
Gigi Dubois:
So here's the deal: I cannot eat WHEAT/GRAINS, DAIRY, GLUTEN, SUGAR, NUTS and FRUIT.

I have more digestive issues/food intolerances and allergies than there are letters in the alphabet.

That being said, my complications are not a death sentence. I mean, I could have died when I had emergency surgery a few years back when my colon was about to combust after twisting into a knot... Alas, I was saved by a GRADE-A surgeon in Colorado... However... My life forever changed and became even more restrictive than before.

But I don't let that stop me from enjoying delicious foods... And experimenting in the kitchen with the foods I ACTUALLY CAN EAT... So that's what you'll see on my Blog & YouTube channel... My quirky creations being made FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER... Right before YOUR AND MY EYES! I hate wasting food, so I never make these recipes prior to filming my recipe videos, so expect... The unexpected!

How'd you get started?
I started GiGi Eats Celebrities because I just had to get off my chest how much I adore noshing on Ryan Reynolds and Zac Efron. I could no longer keep this burning secret in me! Ha! Ok no, in all seriousness, I started GiGi Eats Celebrities because I wanted to reveal the truth behind the ridiculous diet trends and fitness fads of celebrities! This theme has since morphed into something far more now though, and now I consider different foods to be the "celebrities" on my blog.

Here is a video I made discussing what GiGi Eats Celebrities is.

What are some foods you can't live without?
Salmon. No but seriously. I subsist on that fish.

Are there any foods you can't stand?
Get that pork out of my face. Pigs really gross me out. Yes, that means I do not eat bacon. I also really cannot stand foods that are plugged as being healthy but they're 100 percent not — i.e., granola (and their bars), yogurt with fruit in it/frozen yogurt, whole grain breads, vegetable chips, smoothies, and protein bars, just to name a few!

What is your proudest post?
This question is probably harder than quantum physics. Seriously, I really cannot pinpoint just one post I am proud of, because I am so pleased with every single post I share! I do have to admit that I am pretty proud of myself coming clean about my addiction to something that is very unhealthy (for me at least)... And I am also pretty proud of the fact that I could detail my health issues in a comedic and light-hearted fashion so as to help others realize that they're not alone in their battles!

Here are those posts:
I Was Poisoning Myself...
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Health Issues Part 3

What is your biggest blog blunder?
For the longest time I had like 10 different AD companies running ads on my blog. HUGE mistake... Because it made the load time of my blog feel like an eternity! When I finally ditched all of them except one, my load was faster than Usain Bolt! Oh another faux pas... RESIZE YOUR IMAGES before uploading them to your blog, or else, seriously... Or else.

  1. you have a memorable comment from a reader?
    I get about 150-plus comments per post from the most amazing readers/watchers who I can truly call my friends! Their constant communication with me, continually motivates me to keep on updating my blog and YouTube channel with the quirkiness that is me.

What's on your cooking playlist?
What if I told you that I would like to re-make a whole bunch of my recipes; I know, I know, seems like I am a big cooking ego, but honestly, I was just so impressed with how they turned out, that I cannot help myself! The chicken shawarma recipe I created with my blogging friend Gina (of Gina the Trainer) was on a whole other level! Seriously, I think even Gordon Ramsay would have loved it!

What are some other blogs you love?
Sprint 2 the Table. Blissful Britt. Cotter Crunch. The Food Pervert.

Ugh, are you really going to make me list all of them out? I love so many!

What are some food apps you love?
I am a huge YELPER. HUGE. I mean, YELP ELITE status here... Ahem, ha ha! I check in everywhere and I take pictures of everything (especially FOOD) so I can inform everyone who logs on to Yelp as much as humanly possible! If you want to check out my Yelp page... Which I have been told is quite comical, have at it.

What is the best thing about blogging?
Honestly, the best part about blogging is all of the friendships I have created! At least four of my bridesmaids are actually blogger friends! I call blogging "online dating" for friends because you can easily see if you have similar likes/dislikes with someone by reading a few of their blog posts! Works like a charm!

The worst thing?
This might sound "cheeky" but... NOTHING! I adore blogging/making YouTube videos so much and I am thrilled that I can call it my full-time job!

Is there a recipe you're currently obsessed with?
Did I mention... Chicken. Shawarma. He He!

What would even your most loyal followers be surprised to learn about you?
People are typically "shocked" to find out that I am actually really short. When people meet me for the first time, they always say, "Oh my goodness, you're so tiny. You look so much taller in your photos and videos." Yep. Thanks Mom and Dad for your height genetics! Ha Ha!

What are some of your all-time favorite posts:
Chinese Take Out, Made In (beef cauliflower fried rice)
Teenage Mutant Mint Chip Ice Cream
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