Bacon And Shiitake Bake And Other Easy Breakfast Casseroles

Bacon and Shiitake Bake and Other Easy Breakfast Casseroles

Casseroles aren't just for dinner; these easy-to-make oven-baked dishes are perfect for breakfast.

Bacon and Shiitake Mushroom Bake

Elevate an ordinary egg bake with this egg-straordinary recipe (see what I did there?). Shiitake mushrooms, garlic, and rosemary bread add a gourmet touch without the fuss. Plus bacon makes everything better. Click here for the recipe.

Baked French Toast Casserole

Perfect for serving overnight guests for breakfast, this casserole can be prepared the evening before, then baked in the oven, no slaving away over a hot stove required. Serve with powdered sugar, maple syrup, or fruit syrups for easy customization. Click here for the recipe.

Bell Pepper Frittata

This vegetarian-friendly frittata requires little effort and is ready to eat in minutes. A 5-minute cook on the stovetop followed by a quick broiler blast to melt the cheese is all the cooking time this egg-y dish requires. Click here for the recipe.

Berry-Baked Oatmeal

Gloopy oatmeal is uninspiring, unlike this fantastic berry-baked version. An oatmeal mixture layered atop mixed berries creates a vibrant breakfast casserole that can easily be reheated (assuming there are any leftovers). Click here for the recipe.

Chicken Cobb Breakfast Bake

Leftover chicken gets a second chance for brunch, paired with grape tomatoes, bacon, avocado, and green onions (and baked in a sea of eggs and shredded cheese). Your mouth will appreciate every flavorful, fluffy bite. Click here for the recipe.

Eggland’s Best Breakfast Casserole

Feeding a crowd couldn't be easier with this simply egg-based breakfast casserole. Ordinary slices of bread and beaten eggs are transformed into a hearty casserole after a brief bake in the oven. And it can be customized to suit your guests' tastes or dietary restrictions. Click here for the recipe.

Gluten-Free Baked Berry French Toast

Gluten-free is the way to be with this tremendous baked berry French toast. Layer your choice of berries on top of slices of gluten-free bread, drench in an egg bath, and bake until golden brown. Click here for the recipe.

Ham, Asparagus, and Tomato Strata

Great for entertaining, this savory strata makes for a beautiful brunch that can be prepared the night before serving. Plus leftover ham and vegetable plate extras get used up. Click here for the recipe.

Pumpkin, Chorizo, and Kale Frittata

Impress your foodie friends with this fabulous frittata. Pumpkin, chorizo, kale, goat cheese, and caramelized onion relish inject a complexity of flavors that even the most sophisticated of palates will appreciate. Click here for the recipe.

Smoked Salmon and Potato Breakfast Casserole

If you're fond of bagels and lox, you'll love this easy breakfast casserole. Smoked salmon and salmon flavored cream cheese paired with grated red potatoes create a scrumptious salmon-starred hash of sorts in creamy casserole form. Click here for the recipe.