America’s 25 Favorite Recipes to Make at Home (Slideshow)

The Daily Meal finds out what recipes the country loves to cook

25. Chicken Wings

While chicken is a popular search term, another popular chicken recipe to make at home is chicken wings. We saw a huge spike for chicken wings during the month of February when spicy wings are essential for Super Bowl parties. The most popular kinds of chicken wings were Buffalo Wings and were most popular in the Northeastern states. 

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24. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs come in at number twenty-four on our list. Eggs were a popular search term overall, but deviled eggs ranked number one. Deviled eggs are an American favorite and are popular around holidays like Easter when eggs are boiled and dyed by the dozen.

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23. Guacamole

Guacamole ranks number twenty-three on our list of most searched recipes. While on a steady rise over the past years, it finally cracked our list this year. You would think it would be most popular in California, but it is actually most searched in the Northeast and New York is most popular guac state. Guacamole is most popular during the summer months when a healthy and light dip is essential for outdoor grilling. 

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22. Fish Tacos

Tacos are a high search term, but fish tacos are the recipes that people are making at home. Fish tacos came in at number twenty-two on our list. Fish tacos are popular during the summer months when the freshest catch is available. These recipes are also most popular along the west coast, particularly in California and also in Colorado. 

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21. Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are a popular item for Americans to cook, but mashed potatoes are what we love to make most. Mashed potatoes came in at number twenty-one of the most searched recipes. Turns out, Americans love to add garlic and cheese to their recipes. It’s no surprise that mashed potatoes are popular year-round and across the nation, but they’re most popular in states like Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas. There was also a huge spike in the search around Thanksgiving, as it’s a favorite side for the holiday feast. 

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20. Crock-Pot Chicken

While crock-pot cookery is always a high search term, we wanted to find out what people were making most with their slow cookers. Turns out, it’s chicken, which came in at number twenty on our list. Crock pot chicken recipes were popular across the United States, but most popular during the chilly winter months when warm stews and dishes are common.

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19. Apple Pie

Apple pie makes the nineteenth spot on our list for most searched recipes. The northern states, particularly the northeast, have the best apple harvest and love using their fresh apples in apple pie. States like Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are the highest for apple pie recipes. Apple pie searches are most popular in the fall when apples are at their peak.

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18. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies came in at number eighteen on our list. Cookies are popular search term, but Americans favorite cookies are chocolate chip. Whether you like them chewy or crunchy, chocolate chip cookies are a classic American cookie. These cookies were most popular around December and the holiday season for cookie exchanges and holiday gifts.

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17. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese comes in as number seventeen on our list. Among the most popular are baked mac and cheese and Velveeta mac and cheese recipes. Mac and cheese is most popular around the fall months when kids are asking for their favorite meals after a long day back to school.

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16. Hummus

Hummus ranked number sixteen on our list. Made up of simple ingredients chickpeas, tahini, and seasoning, hummus is a healthy dip that is becoming popular at parties and get-togethers. Hummus is most popular in California — those health nuts are always on to the next health trend (not judging, I hail from California).  

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15. Baked Chicken

Baked chicken came in at number fifteen on our list. Although not quite as popular as chicken soup, baked chicken was a favorite recipe. Oven baked whole chickens are popular as are baked chicken breasts and tenders. Baked chicken is most popular in the Southern states and is a year-round favorite.

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14. Burgers

Burgers are an American classic and come in as number fourteenth on our list. Burgers are most popular during the summer months for their great outdoor grilling ability. Although traditional beef burgers were most popular, turkey burgers were a close second. 

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13. Beef Stew

Beef stew comes in number thirteen on our list. Beef stew is most popular in the winter months when you can eat a big, hearty bowl fireside. It is also most common the Northeast where the winter months can be long, cold, and grueling without some warm beef stew.

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12. Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce grabs the twelfth spot on our list of most searched recipes. Americans love to make cream pasta sauce and tomato sauce in particular. Pasta sauce is popular during the cold months as it is the perfect accompaniment to hearty pasta dishes like lasagna and spaghetti. 

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11. French Toast

French toast comes in the number eleventh spot on our list. French toast is popular all across the United States and is a breakfast favorite. Recipes like baked French toast, French toast casserole, and stuffed French toast were among the most popular. So, skip the brunch restaurant and try making breakfast at home with this French toast recipe.

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10. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup comes in at number ten on our list. . While chicken is a popular search term, chicken soup is the number one chicken recipe that people are making at home. This soup recipe is most popular during the winter months, as it is a common meal to help nurse you back to health during cold and flu season. 

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9. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake takes the number ninth spot on our list. Cake, overall, was popular, but chocolate cake was the most searched recipe. Americans love to make German chocolate cake and flourless chocolate cake recipes. Chocolate cupcakes were popular as well, but chocolate cake, well, took the cake.

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8. Spaghetti

Pasta is among one of the most highly searched items, but one type of pasta in particular scores on our list. Spaghetti noodles its way into the number eight spot for most searched recipes. People across the nation are making spaghetti as it’s one of the most popular types of Italian cuisine and out of all the spaghetti recipes, Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the most popular ways to prepare it. Spaghetti cooks quickly and when paired with a simple tomato sauce, dinner can be ready in a snap.

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7. Pizza

Pizza ranks as number seven on our list of most searched recipes. Many people are searching for pizza delivery and where to buy pizza, but we’ve concentrated on the searches for people wanting to make their own pizza at home. Pizza dough is also a popular search term — and is an important part of the recipe. Americans are looking in particular for chicken pizza recipes.

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6. Meatballs

Meatballs come in at number six on our list. Meatball soup, turkey meatballs, and meatball sauce were among the top searches that were meatball-centric. Whether you are serving them as an appetizer or as part of a larger meal, meatballs are always a crowd pleaser. Meatball searches were popular in the fall and winter months since they pair well with hearty pasta dishes, which are great when the weather gets cold.  

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5. Banana Bread

Banana bread is the number five most-searched recipe. Not only is it a great way to use those scary looking ripe bananas, but it makes for a perfect hostess gift or item to bring to a bake sale. It is a popular recipe around September and October, as its warm nutty flavor brings us into the cinnamon-spiced smells of fall.  

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4. Meatloaf

Meatloaf recipes come in on our list as number four. What’s not to love about meatloaf? It’s a hearty, American classic. Meatloaf is popular during the winter months as it is the perfect meal to warm you up on a cold night. Meatloaf is popular nationwide, but mostly in the Midwest where hearty, American meals are a mainstay.

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3. Lasagna

Lasagna makes its way into the third spot for most searched recipes. Americans are searching for spinach lasagna, chicken lasagna, and vegetable lasagna — all with loads of melted cheese. Lasagna is highest around the winter months especially in states in the Northeast and Midwest where the weather is chilly.

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2 .Pork Chop

Pork chop recipes grab the number two spot as the most searched recipes. While pork was a high search term, overall, pork chops were the number one type of recipe. Pork chop recipe searches seemed to peak in January, for its lean and healthy white meat. It’s no surprise that this nutritious and versatile ingredient is at the top of the list.  

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1. Chili

Chili is a popular search term overall, and chili recipes are no different. Chili comes in as number one on our list of most favorite recipes to make at home. Chicken chili and chili con carne were among the popular recipes that people love to make at home. Chili is popular all over the nation for its regional versatility, and is most popular in the fall for game-day cookouts and tailgating.

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