Amazing Gingerbread Houses

You won’t believe these replicas are made of gingerbread

These gingerbread houses are amazing detailed and designed.

Proof that not all gingerbread houses are wintery, snow-covered confections, this tiny cottage is so charming we almost expect to see a puff of smoke come out the chimney.

(Credit: Flickr/

Selena N.B.H.) 

No farmhouse would be complete without a fruit and vegetable stand; gingerbread farmhouses included! This one is selling tiny marzipan pumpkins and apples.

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Griswold Family Christmas
This creative gingerbread house, covered in silver dragées to mimic the thousands of Christmas lights that covered the Griswold family home in the iconic Christmas movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, even has an RV parked in the driveway!

(Credit: Flickr/Blake Handley)

Log Cabin
No collection of amazing gingerbread houses would be complete without a snow and icicle-covered log cabin. From the snowman out front to the tiny wreaths in each window, this rustic cabin is full of holiday spirit.

(Credit: Flickr/tsayrate)

Mount Vernon
This replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon mansion is so detailed it’s almost unbelievable that it’s made from gingerbread. It’s covered in snow and red-ribboned holiday garlands.

(Credit: Flickr/a


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