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Healthiest and Unhealthiest Potato Chips

What chips should and should not be served at your next party
potato chips



More ridges, more calories? That is what is seems like with out worst chip offender on the list. Ruffles only allows chip lovers to snack on 12 chips per 160-calorie serving!

160 calories per serving (12 chips)


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Though the calories are the same (and still slightly scary), Lay’s chips give you three more chips per serving than it’s the worst offender on the list.

160 calories per serving (15 chips)

Kettle Brand


Shockingly, the Kettle Brand chip came in toward the bottom of our list due to its calorie-to-chip ratio. Just because this product boasts a "kettle cooked" cooking method does not mean it accounts for a healthier chip!

150 calories per serving (13 chips)


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Slightly better, Wise chips come in at 150 calories per 16 chips. These greasy little chips don’t beat out many of it’s partners by much!

150 calories per serving (16 chips)


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Duck face with them as much as you like, but you may want to refrain from eating too many of them. At 150 calories per 16 chips, once you "pop" you may want the fun to stop...

150 calories per serving (16 chips)

Miss Vickie’s

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Though technically Miss Vickie’s chips have vinegar in them, straying slightly from our plain salted chip varieties, due to the popularity of this chip it is worth noting. You can enjoy 18 chips for the same amount of calories in some of the other brands!

150 calories per serving (18 chips)



The smiling little Utz girl mascot has a reason to wear that grin on her face. You can eat 20 chips (nearly two handfuls) for 150 calories.

 150 calories per serving (20 chips)


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If you’re going to snack on chips, you might as well make it Herr’s. This potato chip brand lets you have 1 ounce (though we aren’t sure exactly how many chips this accounts for) for "only" 140 calories per serving.

140 calories per serving (1 ounce)


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The brand that markets itself as the healthy chip actually takes our number one spot for the healthiest chip. Not only does a serving of Popchips amount to 120 calories, but you’re allowed to snack on 23 of them to reach that number.

120 calories per serving (23 chips)