Yogurt from 8 Tummy-Trimming Foods (Slideshow)

8 Tummy-Trimming Foods (Slideshow)

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Yogurt helps you beat the bloat. Choose a yogurt that has active cultures and incorporate it into your diet daily. Try a low-fat and plain yogurt and serve it at breakfast with some granola and fresh fruit on top. It can help digestion and prevent the stomach from bloating.



Not only are cucumbers crunchy and hydrating, but they are a great stomach-flattening snack. They are high in water and low in fiber. Munching on these instead of chips or crackers will make you slimmer and trimmer. 



Quinoa isn’t really a grain, but is actually related to spinach, beets, and Swiss chard. Quinoa can trick you into thinking you are eating a starch, without the carb overload. Plus, it’s high in protein, minerals, and vitamins.



Avocados are one of the healthiest sources of fat. They are also high in healthy antioxidants. Instead of heavy mayonnaise-based dressings or spreads, try using avocados instead. They are creamy and rich, and offer much more nutritional value. Just be sure to add plenty of citrus juice to keep them from turning brown.   



Mushrooms can offer a meaty bite to stir-fry or salads with empty calories. They are loaded with antioxidants and help to boost the immune system. Instead of a heavy beef burger, try grilling a large Portobello mushroom as a patty substitute. 



If you accidentally ate too much at the barbecue last night, there is a remedy for a flat stomach the next day. Eating walnuts after a meal that was high in the bad kind of fat can help reduce the damaging effects. 



Nothing says summer like watermelon, and the pink, fleshy melon is a dieter’s best friend. Not only is it sweet and refreshing, but it’s also full of water and healthy. Eating foods that are high in water helps you to stay fuller longer and keep you hydrated in the summer heat as well. 



Not only are raspberries a sweet and delicious snack or dessert, but they are also high in fiber. Eating fiber has been found to prevent weight gain and also help promote weight loss. Have about one cup a day, which contains about eight grams of fiber. 

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8 Tummy-Trimming Foods