7 Surprisingly Sweet Applications for Avocado Slideshow

Inspiring ways to turn this creamy fruit into delectable desserts

Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado lends a delicate sweetness to ice cream. This cold dessert preserves the flavor of the fruit while mellowing out any savory undertones. Fans of interesting ice cream flavors will enjoy this variation for its milky simplicity and velvety texture. Not to mention, replacing some of the dairy fats with vegetable fats will make this summery treat a lot easier to digest than its full-bodied counterpart.

Chocolate Mousse with Avocado

Vegans and carnivores alike can enjoy this decadent dessert. Replace the eggs and milk with a mashed, ripe avocado to mimic the thickened texture of traditional chocolate mousse. The result is a stand-alone dish full of cocoa flavor that is a no-bake snap to make. Sweeten with agave or stevia for a simple, low-sugar treat.

Avocado Key Lime Pie

If you like avocado and lime on your tacos, then you’ll love avocado key lime pie. The naturally creamy texture of the avocado is perfect for custard that is rich yet light. Citrus notes from the lime cut through the fruit’s dense consistency, keeping each bite refreshing and flavorful. Pile it up on a graham cracker crust for a pie that is classically delicious with a nutritional twist.

Avocado Macarons


Avocado makes a perfect filling for this classic French confection. Made by sandwiching ganache, buttercream, or jam between two meringue cookies, the macaron is a timeless, bite-size treat that can be made in a wide variety of innovative flavors. Try serving the avocado with a berry jam or chocolate meringue. Macarons are not be confused with macaroons, a small, soft-baked cookie full of shredded coconut. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Avocado

This is another vegan trick that can and should be adjusted for widespread appeal. Adding avocado is a great way to give a silky texture to classic chocolate chip cookies and throw in some vitamins while you’re at it. The avocado’s natural flavor works well with that of the chocolate chips, but if you’re concerned about the taste being too strong, add some cocoa powder to the dough for double chocolate chip avocado cookies.

Avocado Brownies


Vegan bakers swear by this pairing, as the avocado is the perfect replacement for eggs and milk to give this baked good a dense, fudgy consistency. But don’t let the vegans have all the fun; adding avocado to a traditional brownie recipe can give the batter a smoother texture and cut out some calories while you’re at it. The avocado picks up the chocolate flavor, and goes well with favorite brownie additions like coconut and walnuts.

Avocado Pound Cake

Try blending avocado into your pound cake batter for a sweet loaf that will never let you down. Replace some or all of the butter in this heavy cake with a ripe avocado for a soft, satisfying treat you can feel good about eating.