6 Space-Saving Tricks to Hide a Stepladder in Your Kitchen

Keep your stepladder out of sight with these helpful tricks

Some of the most admired kitchens these days have floor-to-high-ceiling cabinets, with a glorious rolling library ladder keeping it all accessible. But not many of us have the room or the budget for that, and we’ve realized that precariously balancing on a swiveling counter stool while reaching for that seldom-used bread-making machine stashed way up high is a disaster waiting to happen. We just need a utilitarian stepladder to access our high cabinets and shelves, and a good place to keep it.

Out in Plain Sight For this solution, you need to find a spot that people won’t be tripping over. This means out of the high- and even medium-traffic areas. And you’ll want a stylish stool that you’ll enjoy looking at. Shocking pink helps make this one highly visible.

Here, the stepladder becomes a design element in a kitchen with chic workshop-inspired style. It is crafted in wood that matches other pieces in the kitchen, with its own special spot hanging from the island. Related: See What Else is Trending in White Kitchens

Doubling as a Chair This attractive step stool doubles as seating.

These are vintage Cosco stools. The lower steps push underneath the counter stool — when you pull them out, the stool’s seat becomes the top step. You can search sites such as eBay for originals or find retro-style reproductions.

Tucked in the Pantry If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry, you’ll find a good spot for the stepladder. It seems obvious, but be careful to place it where you won’t be banging your shins or tripping over it. This placement underneath the shelves at the far end of the pantry is just right.

Folded Up in a Shallow Cabinet Some step stools fold flat, making them easy to store in a shallow cabinet. Use the space around the island or at the end of a row of cabinets or integrate it into a refrigerator surround that is just a few inches thick. Related: Store a Step Stool and More in a Storage Cabinet

Hanging in a Narrow Pullout Cabinet The design of this cabinetry is so clever. Look closely and you’ll see that the stepladder’s pullout is camouflaged as part of the millwork in between the cabinet doors.


Laying in a Toe-Kick Drawer Toe-kick space is often wasted. But a small folding stepladder can tuck away into one of these space-maximizing drawers. —By Becky Harris