5 Ways You Can Make Dinner Even When You Don’t Have Time to Make Dinner

Perfect quick fixes for busy weeknights
Homemade Meals, Fast
Sami Johnson

There’s always time for a homemade meal.

Top with an egg. Turn almost any side dish, soup, or vegetable into a full meal with the addition of a few fried eggs.

Top with an egg

Prepare ahead. Some preparation over the weekend can lead to a full week of home-cooked meals, each ready in just a few minutes.

Prepare ahead
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Oven roasted. Roast chopped vegetables, potatoes, and a protein all at the same time for a full meal that utilizes only one sheet tray. Roasting allows you to multi-task while the food cooks, plus, you’ll save time on the kitchen clean-up with this one-pan method.

Oven roasted
Sami Johnson

Semi-homemade. Use store-bought products like phyllo dough and puff pastry to make your life easier in the kitchen.


Salads. Raw salads are the ultimate quick meal. No time needed to cook — just chop some vegetables and whisk up a simple vinaigrette with whatever oil and acid (think lemon juice, orange juice, or vinegar) you have on hand, and then you’ll be ready to go.


Julie Ruggirello is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal and is the self-proclaimed queen of quick meals. Follow her on Twitter @TDMRecipeEditor.