Add Meat from 5 Ways to Improve Store-Bought Tomato Sauce (Slideshow)

5 Ways to Improve Store-Bought Tomato Sauce (Slideshow)

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Will Budiaman

Add Meat

For a heartier sauce to turn into a meal, add ground meat like chicken, turkey, or sausage.


Add Vegetables

Adding vegetables, even whole tomatoes, gives the sauce a more interesting texture, and adding produce like eggplant or pepper, really enhances the flavor. 

Kath Younger

Add Cheese

The addition of cheese to a sauce changes everything. It thickens the sauce and gives it a bolder flavor. We recommend adding ricotta, Parmesan, or pecorino, but feel free to add your favorite.  


Add Herbs or Spices

Like a little kick? Add some cayenne or red chili flakes. Want a more herbaceous sauce? Grab some fresh basil or oregano. Adding some fresh or sautéed garlic will also bring out the flavors that are already in the sauce. 

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Add Other Liquids

Hot sauce is a great addition to a tomato base — the two just seem to go hand in hand. Think about a Bloody Mary and you'll see what we mean. Or, adding heavy cream will give the sauce a thicker, creamier texture, and if you add a splash of vodka to that  voilà! You have a vodka sauce. 

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5 Ways to Improve Store-Bought Tomato Sauce (Slideshow)