The 5 Unhealthiest Salads (Slideshow)

5 salads that aren't as healthy as you think

Asian Chicken Salad

The Ultimate Cobb Salad

Jane Bruce

Everyone loves a good Cobb salad. They’re filled with everything you love: cheese, bacon, egg, a thick dressing… and they’re also filled with calories. This Cobb salad recipe averages 1,232 calories per serving!

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Caesar Salad

Caesar salads are on menus everywhere. They may just be the most popular salad. However, a typical Caesar salad can contain more than 600 calories — and that’s without any protein toppings. Even if you add ¼ cup of a lean protein like grilled chicken, which is somewhere around 60 to 80 calories, your salad can get bumped up to the 700-calorie range.

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French-Style Egg Salad

Jane Bruce

A lot of the time you’ll find "salads" topping lettuce on a menu. For instance, romaine lettuce topped with egg salad, potato salad, or chicken salad. But don’t be fooled. These "salads" are loaded with mayonnaise and calories. Egg salad alone can be more than 800 calories per serving. 

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Asian Chicken Salad

Asian chicken salad has permeated the salad world. It sounds healthy enough — just chicken and lettuce right? Wrong. This salad is topped with fried noodles and contains a ton of sesame oil, topping out at 873 calories per serving. 

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Steak Salad

Ali Rosen

The dressing and the amount of steak in a common steak salad are what packs on the calories. This classic steak salad has 993 calories per serving. 

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