5 Meatless Main Dishes for Thanksgiving

No need to roast a turkey when you’re serving these flavorful main dishes
5 Meatless Main Dishes for Thanksgiving

Tofurkey isn’t the only meat-free main dish you can serve on Thanksgiving Day.

Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie
A cold-weather favorite, shepherd’s pie is hearty and filling. This version replaces the ground beef with mushrooms, making it vegetarian-friendly.
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Korean Braised Tofu
The great thing about this spicy sesame and garlic braised tofu is that it makes delicious leftovers. Serve it on Thanksgiving Day and then eat it the next day over rice, with salad, or in broth for a quick and delicious soup.
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Whether it’s macaroni and cheese, an orzo salad, or a cheesy baked lasagna, there always seems to be pasta on the Thanksgiving table. If you’re going meatless this year, layer your pasta with creamy ricotta cheese and fresh spinach.
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Pretzel- and Cashew-Crusted Tofu
Crunchy, flavorful, and served with a sweet onion relish, this elegant main course also happens to be vegan. It's perfect for Thanksgiving, the holidays, or just a weeknight dinner any other time of the year. To save time, start the tofu while the sweet onion relish is simmering on the stove. 
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Lentil Curry
If you’re looking for a dish that is fragrant and flavorful enough to be served as your main course on Thanksgiving, curry is a great choice. Loaded with aromatic spices, this lentil dish is hearty and delicious.
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