5 Light and Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

A few of the easiest appetizers we know so you can focus on the turkey this Thanksgiving

Easy appetizers for Thanksgiving that will appease your hungry guests before the main meal.

Acorn Squash Soup. If you don’t want everyone to fill up on a big bowl of this seasonal soup, serve it in shooters or small cups.

(Credit: Mark Jordan)

Turkey-Shaped Veggie Platter. The base for this turkey-shaped platter is slices of store-bought crescent roll. Use cream cheese spread, flavored fresh (spreadable) cheese, or hummus to stick the vegetables onto the crescent roll base.

(Credit: Pillsbury)

Sausage-Stuffed Crescent Cornucopias. Keep the kids busy with a project in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. Stuff store-bought crescent rolls with sausage, cheese, and cranberries for a seasonal tribute to the iconic cornucopia.

(Credit: Pillsbury)

Simple Stuffed Artichokes. Stuffed artichokes are an easy appetizer to master and they’re perfect for picking on throughout the afternoon before the main course is served.

(Credit: Ben Fink)

Walnut-Squash Crostini. Use canned squash purée to make this simple crostini even easier. Serve on thinly sliced whole-wheat baguette for a lighter option before the big meal begins.

(Credit: Guiding Stars)

Julie Ruggirello is the Recipe Editor and Thanksgiving enthusiast at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @TDMRecipeEditor.