5 Healthy Nacho Recipes (Slideshow)

5 nacho recipes that are actually good for you

Jicama Nachos

Bison Nachos

Jane Bruce

The best part about tender cuts of bison, like its beef counterpart, skirt steak, is that it still holds the rich, intense flavor of the meat but goes great with seasonings, too. This recipe seasons the bison with soy sauce, lime juice, and cilantro, and sears it to perfection. Using bison in this recipe in lieu of steak makes it a healthier alternative at only 109 calories per serving. 

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Vegan Nachos

Loaded with tons of cheese and sour cream, nachos aren't usually a vegan-friendly option. Until now. A flavorful sauce made from raw cashews, spiced up with jalapeños and jarred pimentos, makes a perfect dairy-free alternative- and a healthier one at that.

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Jicama Nachos

Jicama nachos offer a low-fat, un-fried, refreshing, flavorful meal while satisfying your nacho craving. These are on the menu at SunCafé Organic, located in Studio City, Calif., known for its menu of raw foods. 

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Rogers Centre Big Smoke Jerk Chicken Nachos

Travel up to Toronto to root for the Toronto Blue Jays and you'll likely come across these nachos, which use jerk seasoning to infuse flavor in not one ingredient but two ingredients of the recipe. And the best part is they are insanely good but healthy, too, with 340 calories per serving. 

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'Healthy' 12-Layer Nachos

Arthur Bovino

Bake these nachos instead of frying them, and use raw vegetables to turn this "would-be" heart-attack dish into a healthier version.

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