5 Burger Recipes We Can’t Live Without

These burger recipes are insanely good
5 Burger Recipes We Can’t Live Without

Which burger recipe is your favorite?

Brat Burger

Ken Goodman Photography

The inspiration for this recipe came from the homemade pretzel bun and cheese sauce, because hey, what goes better with those things than a juicy brat? The authors of Wicked Good Burgers create their own brat using ground pork and veal and seasoning it with ginger, nutmeg, and beer. 

Mushroom Burger with Fried Egg and Truffle Oil

Crave! Cooking Light

We’ve heard of mushroom burgers as a vegetarian alternative but have never thought of adding mushrooms to a beef burger. Cooking mushrooms with garlic, thyme, and red wine will make you feel as if you’re creating a luxurious French dish, but what results is a flavorful, healthy burger topped with a fried egg and a truffle, Parmesan, and arugula mixture. 

Bison Umami Burger

True Food Kitchen

Whenever we see umami our mouths start to water, and this recipe gets even better with a bison burger and rich roasted mushrooms. Nutritional yeast is added to the bison blend to give it a unique and tender texture, and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano is added at the finish for a sharp bite. The best part? The recipe was written with the help of a doctor, so it’s all-natural and good for you too. 

Kefi Lamb Burger

Daniel Krieger

We’ll never get tired of Michael Psilakis' Greek-variations of classic dishes, and his Kefi lamb burger is no exception. A combination of dried parsley, oregano, and dill lends pleasant herbal flavors to the patty, and a well-dressed salad with feta makes the perfect topping.

White Castle Slider


The White Castle slider has been around since 1921. We can't deny our love for a beef patty topped with onions and a pickle so we had to include it on our list. This recipe is our very own creation of the fast-food icon. 

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