3 Fabulous Feta Breakfast Recipes

This feta and poblano tart is perfect for any meal or snack. The poblanos add a hint of spice, which is cooled by the creamy feta cheese. Click here to see the recipe.

Open-Face Feta Omelet

Cool tomatoes balance the warm omelet made with veggie breakfast links and spinach in this wake-up breakfast dish. A sprinkle of feta cheese tops it off. Click here to see the recipe.

Greek Omelet with Feta

Start your day off right with this delicious omelet that's high in vitamin A, thanks to the spinach. The feta cheese, baby spinach leaves and chopped red onions say Greek omelet—and the 20-minute prep time says this is the ideal dish for two on a busy day. The secret to successfully scrambling eggs is to cook them slowly over medium heat. Resist the temptation to rush the cooking process by using high heat as this results in overcooked, rubbery eggs. Click here to see the recipe.