27 Easy Winter Weeknight Meals

27 Easy Winter Weeknight Meals

Feed your stomach and your soul with these easy recipes

When the weather is cold and the walk to work feels more like a trek, it’s nice to know that come dinner time, at least, you will be sitting down to something delicious and warm. Because winter brings some of the gloomiest days of the year, we often turn to comfort foods during this season. You know the stuff: casseroles, stews, mac and cheese — stick-your-your-ribs kind of food. But all too often these dishes demand more time and effort than most of us can spare during the week.

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Never fear, though: You can have your comfort food and eat it too! Turning to easy dishes that use equipment like the slow-cooker, the Instant Pot, and the humble sheet pan means you can get dinner on the table easily without sacrificing full-flavored food. From healthy dishes like warm salads and satisfying shakshuka to the classic cold-weather food we all enjoy like chicken and dumplings, beef stroganoff, or risotto, these recipes will all bring light and tons of flavor to your table, even on the coldest days of the year.

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Read on to discover a plethora of satisfying recipes that won’t require you to spend the whole day at the stove. After all, your time is probably better spent building a snowman, right?