2014’s Craziest — and Most Useful — Cooking Hacks

Be more resourceful in the kitchen with these creative tricks
2014’s Craziest — and Most Useful — Cooking Hacks

Here’s a look back at some of the craziest cooking tips we learned this year.

Remember that episode of MacGyver in which some seriously bad guys put a hit out on the protagonist? And how MacGyver cleverly used a toaster oven to melt some ice, causing a cascade of pots and pans to clatter to the floor, effectively creating a disruption that lured the bad guys into the kitchen? And how when said bad guys ran into the kitchen, they slid all over the place because, haha! MacGyver had drenched the floor in cooking oil. And, to add insult to injury, the bad guys tripped over a garden hose that was stretched tautly across the exit as MacGyver made his escape. Crazy, right!?

Well, kitchen hacks are kind of like that — they can bring out the MacGyver in you (minus the assassins trying to murder you, we hope). Knowing these creative tricks can make you a resourceful cook. Some are downright obvious (like, duh? why didn’t I think of that!?) and other are just plain awesome in their creativity.

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Even if you like cooking, menial tasks (like having to cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half) can put a damper on what would otherwise be an enjoyable time spent in the kitchen. Why, oh why isn’t there an easier way to dissect these teeny tiny tomatoes? Oh wait, there is! Sandwich those little guys carefully between two plates and cut ‘em all at once with the horizontal swipe of a blade. Boom, MacGyvered!

Not having the right cooking equipment can suck the fun out of cooking, too. Especially when you want to make a recipe that seems dependent upon a certain tool or gadget. Fortunately, channeling the MacGyver spirit and the untapped potential of your existing tools and appliances (think grilled cheese cooked on the coffee maker burner) can help resolve your hunger-induced quandary.

These crazy cooking hacks from the past year will teach you how to be a more resourceful and creative cook. Some of them are so crazy smart, in fact, that we think even the king of resourcefulness himself would be proud to employ them in his own kitchen.

Cook Bacon

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Ironing can be a real chore. While the iron is hot, treat yourself to a snack and cook yourself up some bacon. Tightly wrap a few slices of bacon in aluminum foil, iron it until thoroughly cooked, and munch away. Just don’t forget to make sure there’s not any grease on the iron before you use it for your clothes again!

Cook Cinnamon Rolls


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Place an unbaked cinnamon roll in your waffle maker, close the lid, and you’ll have a cinnamon waffle ready in mere minutes. Added bonus: The “waffle” squares catch the frosting, creating delicious pools of sweetness.