'Home Alone': Cheese Pizza from 15 Star-Quality Recipes from Famous '90s Movies (Slideshow)

15 Star-Quality Recipes from Famous '90s Movies (Slideshow)

Emily Jacobs
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'Home Alone': Cheese Pizza

Kevin is such a troll. The pizza delivery boy never stood a chance, did he?

Here’s a fun fact you may not know about the scene: The black-and-white movie Kevin strategically stops and starts isn’t an actual gangster movie; it was specially created for Home Alone. Now, we may not take equal enjoyment in pranking delivery workers, but we wholeheartedly understand Kevin’s satisfaction when he opens up that warm-to-the-touch cardboard box: “Ah! A lovely cheese pizza, just for me.” Little Nero’s is the local joint in Kevin’s town, however the more common choice in real life is Domino’s (no offense, Pizza Hut). And because we think homemade is always better, we cracked the code on their thin-crust pie.

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