15 More Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets That You Don’t Need Slideshow

But would kind of be cool to have, right?

Oil Mister - $14.99

This oil mister from Mastrad solves a whole bunch of problems when it comes to greasing down your foods. Specifically designed for dispensing oil, this spray bottle comes with an advanced filter that allows you to flavor oils with spices and herbs without having to worry about them clogging the bottle. What’s more, the mister doesn’t need any aerosol to operate and can be used over and over again. If you’re tired of wondering what’s in the store bought cans of cooking spray, this gadget could be your new best friend.

Click and Cook- $39.99

This gadget from Quirky makes multi-tasking a snap, with a click-in handle and five attachments that include spatulas and spoons. It’s easy to clean and reduces the clutter of having so many utensils lying around on your stovetop. Just click the handle into what you need and you’re in business.

Chopping Pocket - $12.95

So you’ve got your prep work down to professional standards, but think about how much more efficient you can be if you could avoid having to transfer all of your chopped foods from board to bowl. The Chopping Pocket from Magisso makes it possible for you to chop and prep in a snap, with a durable plastic cutting board that folds into a pocket for you to store your prepped food in.

Loop - $5.99

This cleaning gadget from Quirky makes it easy to get even the toughest stains out, and you won’t even have to switch sponges or worry about contaminating your kitchen rags. By easily attaching to a kitchen rag, it lets you scrub and wipe away messes simultaneously, and when you’re finished with everything you can use the loop to hang your rags to dry, as well. 

Fat Daddio’s Professional Cake Leveler - $60

Anyone who’s ever baked a cake knows that the beauty and elegance of it comes with patience and precision, which can easy fly out the window when trying to level a cake. This cake leveler from Kickstartsaving.com makes it easy to level your cake into three, even-sized layers in one clean cut. Sharp, serrated blades help you avoid the crumbling and breaking that occurs with your cake when trying to level it in steps.

Grab & Grill - $34.99

The whole point of grilling is to enjoy the outdoors, so what good is it when you’re constantly running in and out of the house in search of what you need? The Porter Grab & Grill from Quirky does away with that problem, by making it easy for you to have everything you need out by the grill. Separate plastic containers help you transport raw and cooked foods out to the grill, and a condiment caddy and serving tray make it possible to grill up a meal and serve it all without going inside. 

Towel-Matic Touch Less Towel Dispenser - $100

There’s nothing more frustrating than ruining a perfectly good roll of paper towels because you were too impatient to wipe your hands before grabbing a sheet. Say no more to wasted rolls with the touch less towel dispenser from Kickstartsaving. The innovative towel holder uses sensor technology to dispense sheets of paper with the wave of a hand. Battery-powered and designed for counter top or wall mounting, it even has settings that allow you to choose how many sheets you want dispensed with each wave, helping you avoid wasting any paper towels, as well. While pricey, the money you save from buying less paper towels might make it worth it. 

Cyclone - $12.99

If you’re a hot dog fanatic, then you probably realize the importance of scoring your dogs before tossing them on the grill. If you make the cuts too deep then your hot dog will fall apart; if they’re too shallow it defeats the whole purpose, and let’s not get started on adequately spacing them. The Cyclone from Quirky makes it easy to score your hot dogs in one simple twist, making you not just a hot dog fanatic, but an efficient one at that. 

Meat Tenderizer - $55

This gadget helps you take marinating to a whole new level by allowing you to simultaneously tenderize and flavor your meat. Its sharp, stainless steel needles help you inject your meat with marinade, producing a flavorful and moist piece of meat. No matter what cut you’re working with, adjustable blades and a compartment that holds enough marinade for two pounds of meat make this tenderizer a fun investment for cooking.

Automatic Pancake Maker - $3,700

Can’t get enough pancakes? Well then shell out about four grand and you’ve got your dream gadget — all 51 pounds of it. This contraption brings a pancake factory into your kitchen. All you have to do is add batter and press go, and it’ll be flipping out the flapjacks in no time. 

Corn Shredder - $15

Let’s face it — some people just can’t stand eating corn off the cob, but why should they be punished just because they don’t like getting it stuck in their teeth? The Corn Shredder says goodbye to ripped, ruined, or missed kernels by making it easy for you to cut the corn right off the cob. A durable stainless steel blade is wide enough to cut multiple rows and rounded so that no kernels are damaged in the process. A double-sided blade makes it user-friendly for right and left-handed cooks, and its dishwasher safe build makes it a no-fuss gadget to have on hand. 

Meat Shredded - $25

Say goodbye to the fork when shredding your meat, because these stainless steel claws were designed specifically for meat shredding. Long, bent blades make it easy for you to lift, rotate, and dig in to your meat and shred away without a mess.

Pop Art Toaster - $45

Are you not a morning person? You’re not alone, and sometimes it’s the simple things in life, like humor, that can make your day get better. This toaster will bring a smile to your face with removable stencils like “Bite Me” and “Ugh…” for you to stamp your toast with. It’s not just for looks, either, because with three different toasting functions, seven heat settings, and a mug warmer, it makes sure that if anything’s going to go well that day, it most certainly will be your breakfast. 

Fat Separating Spoon - $10

Who has the time to spoon off all of the fat from gravy and sauce? No one does, which is why this Fat Separating Spoon will become your new best friend. Just spoon the broth or sauce into a gravy boat and the spoon with strain the fat away. 

Snap-On Can Strainer - $6

Just because something is easy to begin with, doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier. This Snap-On Can Strainer is the perfect example, specifically designed to snap on whatever can that needs to be strained so that your life can get even easier in the kitchen. At only six dollars, why not?