11 Homemade Easter Treats That Put Premade Baskets to Shame Slideshow

Making a basket from scratch is easier than you think

11 Homemade Easter Treats That Put Premade Baskets to Shame

To help you create a unique Easter basket filled with homemade candies, chocolates, and treats, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers for their favorite holiday snacks. Not only did they offer up handmade versions of Reese’s peanut butter cups, Mounds, and York peppermint patties, but there are totally new confections as well. From carnival-style roasted nuts to easy fudges and “bunny chow,” these easy, delicious Easter treats will make you say “never again” to store-bought candies and baskets.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

Why bother buying pre-made chocolate peanut butter eggs when Take a Bite Out of Boca proves that making your own is so easy? The best part? The ingredients are all pantry staples!

For the Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs recipe, click here.

Easter Bunny Chow

If you’re looking for alternative ways to stuff your plastic Easter eggs, Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks’ “bunny chow” will do the trick. It’s colorful, sweet, and easily customizable, so it will create a fun surprise for your kids when they crack open their eggs.

For the Easter Bunny Chow recipe, click here.

Easter Egg Nests

A Sweet Potato Pieoffers up a fun, new, and edible way to display your dyed hard-boiled eggs. Packaged crescent rolls and sprinkles make this already fun crafting activity even more of a delight.

For the Easter Egg Nests recipe, click here.

Easter Hugs Pretzel Snaps

This easy twist on a chocolate-covered pretzel can be modified for any holiday. Skinny Sweets Daily’s Easter variation uses pastel-colored chocolate eggs, giving a bit of a nest look to this sweet and salty snack.

For the Easter Hugs Pretzel Snaps recipe, click here.

Easy Easter Fudge

This fun and festive fudge from The Cozy Cook has milk chocolate, white chocolate, and plenty of Easter eggs to bite into and find. It’s a satisfying, colorful addition to any basket.

Five Ingredient Mounds Bar Coconut Balls

The filling for these homemade candy bars is cream cheese, organic butter, confectioners’ sugar, unsweetened coconut shreds, and vanilla extract… and that’s it. Delightful Mom Food offers up this chocolate treat that you can feel good about feeding to your kids.

For the Five Ingredient Mounds Bar Coconut Balls recipe, click here.

Homemade Peppermint Patties

According to Savory Experiments, these four-ingredient confections are “cool and creamy… and so easy to make, and can be customized to fit any holiday or event.” Add pastel sprinkles to give these refreshing chocolates an Easter feel.

For the Homemade Peppermint Patties recipe, click here.

Peeps S'Mores Bites

OK, so it may seem a little bit morbid to turn fluffy, adorable marshmallow Peeps into melted s’more toppers. But Giggles, Gobbles, & Gulps sweet treat recipe is a tasty, simple twist on two classic treats, making it too fun not to try.

For the Peeps S'Mores Bites recipe, click here.

Roasted Spiced Nuts

A little sweet, a little spicy, and with a satisfying crunch, The Hungary Buddha’s carnival-inspired roasted almonds are a healthy, savory counterbalance to any Easter basket.

For the Roasted Spiced Nuts recipe, click here.

Speckled Egg French Macarons With Chocolate Ganache Filling

If your children have sophisticated taste or if you’re a pro in the kitchen, Diary of a Mad Hausfrau offers up these delicate, rustic macarons. These egg-shaped confections will wow everyone who sees them.

For the Speckled Egg French Macarons With Chocolate Ganache Filling recipe, click here.

Unicorn Energy Bites

If you want to feel good about the treats in your kids’ Easter baskets but still make them fun and festive, Fitful Focus no-bake, peanut-free, and gluten-free treats check off all the boxes.

For the Unicorn Energy Bites recipe, click here.