10 Delicious Ice Cream Recipes That Make Having an Ice Cream Machine Worthwhile

Leave store-bought ice creams where they belong: at the store

Top 10 delicious ice cream recipes to make at home.

Once the summer comes, there’s one favorite dessert that we all indulge in — ice cream. Whether it’s from the supermarket, ice cream truck, ice cream parlor, or homemade, most of us can sit down and eat about a pint or two without blinking an eye.

Sometimes, on those hot blazing summer days, we turn to a store-bought brand for a quick fix, but nothing tastes better than homemade ice cream. Yes, we know it takes a little time — well, a lot of time — but trust us. In the end, these ice cream recipes will make having an ice cream machine worthwhile.

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With an ice cream machine, you can control the amount of sugar that goes into your recipe — perfect for people who are watching their sugar intake. Ice cream will never exactly be healthy, but your homemade ice cream will contain no chemicals and no preservatives.

You also save a few cents when you make ice cream yourself. Most of the base ingredients are items that you’d normally have in your fridge or pantry: sugar, milk, eggs, vanilla, and cream. Add a few more flavors and you have yourself a batch of ice cream.

The best part? The flavor possibilities are endless. Any ice cream that you think of that you can’t find on a shelf, you can probably make at home. You can use any type of fruit, any type of chocolate — even bacon, if you’re adventurous. Lemon verbena, cookies and cream and marshmallow, and cinnamon ice cream are just a few that made our list. Whip out your ice cream machine for these recipes and you won’t be sorry.

Lemon Verbena Ice Cream

Photo Modified: Flickr/ stu_spivack

This recipe has a unique flavor prolife and goes well with a glass of wine. At your next wine tasting pair this delicious ice cream with 2009 Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Moscato and let us know what you think.

One –Ingredient Ice Cream

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Joy

This is the simplest ice cream that you’re going to find; it only requires one ingredient. You can add your favorite toppings like nuts or chocolate chips and then eat.

Originally published on June 25, 2015