The 10 Best iPhone Kitchen Apps (Slideshow)

Need a little help in the kitchen? Look no further than your iPhone

#10: Sous Vide

One of the trickiest parts of sous vide cooking is figuring out how much cooking time and and what temperatures are needed for each dish. For the experimental cook, the Sous Vide app will help you figure out the appropriate cooking duration and temperature for 175 cuts of meat, and you can get back to being mad genius in the kitchen. 

#9: Menu Translate

If there are ‘Old World’ Italian recipes you'd love to try, or items on the menu of a restaurant you wish you knew, but which you cannot read a word of because you don’t speak a word of Italian, this new app will help you by translating them into English. 

#8: iCookbook Diabetic

For those who are suffering from diabetes, the recipes and tips in this app are provided by registered dieticians and accredited food experts to assist you in making the healthy food choices.

#7: True Food

For those who are concerned about genetically modified products, this app helps you sort out which products from the supermarket contain genetically modified ingredients. 

#6: Kitchen Calculator

For those who struggle with converting and calculating kitchen portions into different units of measurement, this app is a clean and easy way to convert any portion from one unit of measurement to another.

#5: Cooking

Unlike many other kitchen apps that are chock-full of recipes, this app provides you with something that other recipe-based apps do not. This app contains no recipes, but provides a wealth of information on how to read, interpret, and utilize your recipes. 

#4: Substitutions

Ever get back from the grocery store only to discover that you’re missing some critical ingredient? This app solves that issue, and any others relating to not having the right ingredients at home for a meal, while offering practical substitutions for chosen ingredients. 

#3: How to Cook Everything

With expert advice and recipes from food writer, author, and New York Times columnist Mark Bittman, this app also includes several useful kitchen tool functions, such as a timer and temperature converter. 

#2: Foodle

This app provides over 4,000 nutritional fact sheets on food, so you can make smart choices in the supermarket aisle. 

#1: Evernote

An extension of the popular Evernote app, the Evernote Food app helps you keep every aspect of your meals, from recipes to shopping lists, in order.