Coney Island May Get a Hooters

A Surf Avenue landlord thinks the 'breastaurant' will be a perfect fit; he's not wrong

Considering the history of the Mermaid Parade and the annual hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, it makes sense that some enterprising landlords want to get Hooters in on the action.

New York Daily News reports that a landlord is vying to get Hooters to serve beer, wings, and a show on Surf Avenue.

Park Slope's family-friendly neighborhood previously rejected a potential Hooters outpost in the area, but landlord Natan Bukai says "for Coney Island, it is very good."

Bukai's broker Joe Vitacco pointed out that at Coney Island, "You have a Mermaid Parade with half-naked people. You have a beach with bikinis. This is not a place where kids become amoral if they see a piece of leg."

Word. Hooters representatives say they weren't actually looking in Brooklyn (Park Slope got burned there), but may look into Coney Island for 2013. Perhaps we can have a boneless chicken wing eating contest to rival Nathan's hot dogs?