Conan Parodies Dinner with Obama

Turns out, the president is an awfully rude dinner guest

While Obama's campaign emails might sound just a bit stalkerish, sounds like it's you're lucky you didn't get invited to his dinners. Conan O'Brien parodied the Dinner with Barack offerings from his campaign (donate $3 for a chance to win, etc.), and it turns out that Obama is a huge jerk.

In this (fake) promo video below, Obama talks directly to voters, showing them a behind-the-scenes video of his time with his supporters at the dinner table. While there's no mention of the food, Obama could definitely work on his manners. There he is, sitting at the dinner table, telling his guests, "You are right on the line between funny and embarrassing," or leaving with, "That's about as much as I can take from you people." He even has the gall to ask Michelle Obama (or is it the other guest?), "Sweetie, do you want me to redo your hair? Because this is a disaster."

Watch below for the full parody, introducing the new tagline: "Awesome president. Awful dinner guest."

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