A Comprehensive Tour of Indian Wine Country

This honeymoon trip goes through India’s major cities

If you happen to have an extra $10,164 to spare for your honeymoon and want to ride some elephants, float in a hot air balloon over Jaipur, and tour Indian wine country in the process, well, you are in luck with the 14-day "Honeymoon Wine Tour of India" from Geringer Global Travel.  

One minute you’re in Mumbai on the pachyderms, the next you are in Pune at Chateau Indage where they first produced champagne in India. Grover Vineyards in Bangalore, you will find, uses only French grapes. 

"We have created this exotic 14-day honeymoon to entice newlyweds and wine lovers to India where they will experience Indian sites and the regions’ best wines," says president of Geringer Global Travel Susan Geringer. "Branching from a typical honeymoon, this itinerary offers insights to India as well as a culturally rich journey."

In Jaipur create custom garments with a tailor, and while there taste the aloo tiki, and in Delhi the spice markets are a must. Also on the tour is a stop at Fratelli Wines Private Limited, also in Pune, is home to 58 tanks of different wines.

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