Coma Patient Awakes, Asks for KFC

After 8 days on life support, man requests fast-food delivery
Wikimedia/Akira Kamikura

A lot of people have mused on what they would want for their last meal, but not much attention is paid to what one might want for a first meal, usually because we all assume we’ve already had that one. But coming back from a harrowing experience seems to generate strange, sudden cravings in people. Tony Stark wanted a cheeseburger, and a British man who recently awoke from an eight-day coma asked not for his fiancée or daughter, but for a KFC chicken burger. With gravy, of course.

Sam Boughen, a 26-year-old British man, recently underwent two liver transplants for a rare genetic disease. He also suffered related conditions including a blocked artery, E. coli, and a severe lung infection, which led to his stint on life suport during an eight-day coma.

Boughen had also had a tracheotomy and couldn’t speak, so he had to use an iPad to communicate. His family was shocked when his first communication was a request for some KFC.

"We all held our breath the first time he started writing," Sam’s father, Martin, said to The Telegraph. "We thought he would tell us that he loved us — but instead he asked for a KFC. Then we knew we had Sam back."

Boughen seems to realize a fast-food snack was something of an odd request, but he had a craving.

"For some reason chicken must have been on my mind — because the first thing I asked for was a KFC chicken burger with gravy," he said. Unfortunately, Boughton’s doctors denied his request, saying he was too sick for KFC.