Cold Weather Cocktail Recipes to Warm You Up

Staff Writer
The holidays might be over, but these cocktails will work all winter long

The holiday season of eggnog, champagne cocktails, and spiked hot cocoa is finally over (whew!) but that doesn't mean you have to give up your warming tipples! Lift your spirits as the weather gets colder with a handful of tasty cocktails you won’t be able to refuse (unless you're commited to Drynuary, in which case, we support you! Behind our glasses).

Whether you’re sitting down to a belated feast with family or celebrating the new year with friends, or just having a drink after a long week (is it Friday yet?), we rounded up some perfect cold weather cocktails that will leave you feeling toasty and warm — inside and out! So get back into hostess mode, whip up these warming drinks, and have a couple of friends over. From hot chocolate (spiked for adults) to refreshing appletinis, these drinks are sure to bring a festive cheer to any party, even if it's almost February. There's nothing better than a party indoors as it begins to snow outside.

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