Col. Sanders’ White Suit Sold For $21,000

KFC Japan CEO bought the suit at auction
Wikimedia/Dave Straub

One of Colonel Harlan Sanders’ iconic white suits just sold at auction for a whopping $21,510 to the CEO of KFC Japan, who promptly tried it on and posed for pictures.

Hundreds of people placed bids on the Kentucky Fried Chicken founder’s white suit and a clip-on black tie via telephone and Internet services, but Masao “Charlie” Watanabe showed up in person. According to the Washington Post the KFC Japan chief executive had originally intended to be in Dallas for a company meeting, but after hearing about the auction he decided to show up early.  

“Every child in Japan knows Colonel Sanders’ face and his uniform,” Watanabe said. He also bought other Colonel Sanders memorabilia at the Heritage Auctions event that weekend, including Sanders’ 1973 Kentucky drivers’ license, which he acquired for $1,912.

According to Heritage Auctions, Sanders gave the suit to a teenager named Mike Morris back in 1975 so the boy could go to a Halloween party dressed as him. 

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Watanabe said Colonel Harlan Sanders is a popular character in Japan, and many KFC restaurants in Japan have statues of Sanders by their entrances. Watanabe says the white suit will go on display at a KFC restaurant in Tokyo.