Coffee, Apples Decrease Stroke Risk

New studies tell us what to eat, as usual

Scientists need to make up their mind about coffee. Today, they’re saying that two cups of coffee a day decrease chances of blood clots by 14 percent (three to four cups bring that number to 17 percent).

Researchers say antioxidants in coffee could protect blood vessels in the brain from bad cholesterol. At the same time, drinking six or more cups daily only reduces chances by 7 percent, so everything in moderation.

In similar news, other researchers have found that apples are healthy. Shocking, we know. Apparently an apple a day (or a pear, or any white-fleshed fruits) can decrease chances of a stroke by 52 percent.

That’s way more effective than coffee, so we’ll opt for one apple instead of two coffees. If only apples were caffeinated.

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