Cocktails To Help Survive A Storm

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being smack in the middle of Hurricane Irene's path, chances are you're preparing to stock up on provisions at the store. Might as well make a pit stop at the liquor shop too while you're at it. Because let's be honest, in the face of ferocious winds and pounding rain who isn't going to need a little something to take the edge off?

Keep the mood light and show the storm who's boss with these tasty, natural disaster-inspired libations.



Of course. There may be no more appropriate cocktail to whip up at a time like than this than the famous drink that causes Mardi Gras revelers to leave a path of destruction on Bourbon Street.


Dark 'n' Stormy

This classic Caribbean cocktail may have an ominous sounding name but the mix of dark rum and spicy ginger beer couldn't be more pleasant — or easy to make. For more of a unique twist on the drink, try this version, which freezes ginger beer and muddled blackberries into an impressive cube that melts into the rum.


"Adult" Mudslide Milkshake

Mudslides may be a scary side effect often caused by hurricanes, but this spiked milkshake made with Baileys' new mudslide flavor is nothing to be afraid of. (Except for maybe how addictive it is.)


H2O Cocktails

Draw inspiration from all the rain that's in the forecast for this weekend and whip up some light cocktails starring fruit and herb-infused water.


The Gilligan

House-bound thanks to the storm, make like your favorite castaways and kick back with this fruity rum-based cocktail.


Damn-The-Weather Cocktail

Stick it to The (weather) Man with this fittingly named drink that simply mixes gin, sweet vermouth, triple sec, and orange juice.