Cocktails a Mother Could Love

Mother's Day cocktails that are sure to be a hit

Mother's Day cocktails.

Forget flowers and chocolates; Mother’s Day is all about brunch. While mimosas and Bloody Marys are our standard beverages for the meal, your mom deserves something really special on Sunday.

We suggest fixing a cocktail that’s refreshing, fruity, and delicious — and, naturally, pink. So, pick up a bottle of rosé wine, since the light-bodied vino is the perfect addition to a springtime tipple and can be used in a variety of ways.

It works great in place of red wine in a sangria, and a sparkling rosé is tasty in a Bellini or French 75. We also got three original recipes from a few excellent bartenders around the country.

Mixologist Steva Casey specializes in seasonal concoctions at Birmingham, Ala., restaurant Veranda on Highland. And her Madame Bovary-inspired Le Mot Juste is a powerful-yet-delicate creation that features sparkling rosé, cognac, Dubonnet, and the Italian amaro Ramazzotti.

Or whip up the fizzy, strawberry-infused Mother’s Blush (pictured above) from all-star bartender and frequent contributor Charlotte Voisey, which calls for Lillet Rosé, a version of the historic French aperitif.

And if your mom’s a serious cocktail fan, she’ll love Cocchi Americano Rosa, an elixir that was first released in January and is now rolling out across the U.S. It combines a vermouth-like botanical bitterness with rosé’s fruity character. Try it in the Ha Long Bay from the new New York spot L’Amant.

No matter which drink you decide to make, your mom will have a spirited day. Cheers!

Click here for the cocktail recipes for Mother's Day.

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