Cocaine Sandwich Gets Man Arrested

A man was arrested for smuggling cocaine in a ham sandwich

A man in Spain was arrested when police found 100 grams of cocaine hidden inside his sandwich.

Spanish police have arrested a man on suspicion of smuggling after they caught him with a suspicious sandwich that turned out to be filled with delectable cured ham, melted cheese, and over 100 grams of cocaine.

According to The Local, police in the Mediterranean beach town of Benidorm, Spain, observed the suspect at a bus station with his sandwich. After detaining the suspect and opening his lunch, they found the sandwich was full of nine tightly packed cylindrical plastic capsules filled with cocaine and hidden between the cured ham and melted cheese. Police say the cocaine weighed more than 100 grams.

After visiting the suspect’s house in Benidorm, the police found another kilo of cocaine there, along with some marijuana. While there, police also arrested the suspect’s roommate under suspicion that he was involved with the smuggling.


According to The Local, Spain is a key entry point for cocaine bound for the European market.