Coca-Cola Releases James Bond Edition of Coke Zero

In anticipation of the new James Bond movie, a gun-barrel edition of Coke Zero hits UK stores

The redesign for the James Bond Coke Zero.

With Coca-Cola's Olympics sponsorship closing down for the year, it's time for the next moneymaker: Coca-Cola announced a new design of Coke Zero that features Bond, James Bond. 

In anticipation of Skyfall, the newest James Bond film to hit theaters in October, the Coke Zero cans, PET bottles, and aluminum bottles will feature a gun-barrel themed design, reports The Grocer. U.K. stores will see Coca-Cola-sponsored ads and social media specifically for the 007 version. 

Said marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, Zoe Howorth, to The Drum, "James Bond is a global cultural icon who consistently takes action to create what’s possible, making this the perfect partnership for Coca-Cola Zero." 

Of course, we think fans might not want to see the hardcore spy sip on a Coke Zero. Many, including former Bond actor George Lazenby, protested against Bond swigging a Heineken in Skyfall. However, the Heineken sponsorship of Bond films is 15 years old; Marketing Week reports that James Bond will appear in Heineken ads for the first time in its 15-year-old partnership. After all, even Bond can't drink martinis — shaken, not stirred — all the time.