Coca-Cola Machines Might Sell Booze Soon

The 'freestyle' dispensers might be mixing with rum, vodka, tequila, and Jack Daniels

Because nothing can possibly go wrong with this scenario, right? New acounts show that the popular Freestyle Coca-Cola machines might be adding some mixers: rum, tequila, vodka, and Jack Daniel's. 

The Huffington Post shares one Atlanta, Ga.'s test with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines (the fancy drink dispensers that pours one of 120 sodas at the touch of a screen) and booze. Taco Mac has been testing out mixed drinks, but not just alcoholic concoctions: say, a Coke Zero Grape mixed with Minute Maid Cherry Lemonade. But that hasn't stopped them from trying to add some spirits in the mix. 

No word on how the pilot test is going for the chain restaurant, but most see the Freestyle machines as the wave of the future of sodas. "It's giving consumers the ultimate option — beverage choices that they can customize themselves," said food research consultant Joe Pawlak to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "It's also driving up food sales by luring in customers who are there just to use the machines." We're curious whether this test could actually work — and not accidentally get underage kids looking for a soda, well, drunk.